Danças Ocultas and Pedro Moutinho (Portugal)

Mount Fortress

MOP 100

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Danças Ocultas:
Artur Fernandes, Filipe Cal, Filipe Silva, Francisco Silva, Concertinas



Danças Ocultas: Héptimo Bulgar Queda d’Água All songs by Danças Ocultas are composed by the group)

Pedro Moutinho:
Rua da Esperança (Amélia Muge)
Sem Sentido (Manuela de Freitas)
Estranha Contradição (Manuela de Freitas)


Danças Ocultas propose a unique, highly original approach to the accordion: a purely instrumental quartet using the diatonic accordion to create music that evokes tradition and folk influences while being of its own time. The diatonic accordion (named as ‘concertina’ in Portugal) is an instrument created in the first half of the 19th century, which was later worked to perfection by several European instrument makers. Created in May 1989 to take the concertina away from folk music ways by writing new music for it, Danças Ocultas has been collaborating with different performers, becoming a creativity nucleus with its own musical grammar, and a more universal and trans-cultural view of the musical phenomenon as well as contemporary cultural ways.

It is said that “birds of a feather flock together” and it is understandable this popular saying would be applied to Pedro Moutinho. After all, this remarkable singer comes from what is probably the first family of contemporary Portuguese Fado. With three studio albums into his career and one Amália Award under his belt, Pedro Moutinho conquered the profound admiration of the media and the public. But Pedro is also introducing his own tangents to the genre by recording either new material or cover versions usually not connected to Fado. And yet, the final result is unmistakably Fado, unmistakably Portuguese, unmistakably Pedro Moutinho. Thanks to that remarkable voice and to the extremely good taste in the choice of the lyrics, Pedro Moutinho is one of the great contemporary Fado singers.

 Duration: approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, no interval


Pedro Moutinho, Vocals
Micael Gomes, Portuguese guitar
Tiago Silva, Fado guitar
Frederico Gato, Acoustic bass

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