The “2nd China and Portuguese-speaking Countries Film Festival” concludes successfully
Macao’s encounter with Chinese and Portuguese cinematic power

Date of publication: 18/07/2019

The “China and Portuguese-speaking Countries Film Festival”, featured in the “2nd Encounter in Macao – Arts and Cultural Festival between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries” concluded successfully on 17 July. During the Film Festival, over 20 films were screened at the Macao Cultural Centre and the Cinematheque‧Passion, with great participation and overwhelming support from aficionados. This Film Festival has established a cultural exchange platform for films from China and Portuguese-speaking countries and provided Macao’s productions more screening opportunities, allowing more people to know about the local film development.

The Film Festival was divided into three sections, “Classics’ Review”, “New Vision of China and Portuguese-speaking Countries” and “Olá Macao”, bringing a diverse visual experience to the audience. The opening film “Spring in a Small Town” provided by the China Film Archive was highly acclaimed, while the post-screening talk entitled “The Changing Scenery of Chinese Cinema”, conducted by renowned film and cultural studies scholar from China, Dr. Dai Jinhua, and guest curator Joyce Yang,  received an enthusiastic response.

In addition, the Film Festival featured a series of pre-screening and post-screening talks hosted by film critics, directors, production teams and curators from China, Hong Kong and Macao to exchange views with audience. In particular, the production team of the film “Blue Amber” was invited to host a post-screening talk, including Chinese Director Zhou Jie, Macao Cinematographer and Director of Photography Ao Ieong Weng Fong, and Lau Chi Keong, responsible for on-set sound and original soundtrack recording. The film “Blue Amber” has garnered the “Best Cinematographer” award and has been nominated for “Best Film” in the “Asian New Talent” category of the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival. The series of activities of the Film Festival aimed at allowing the audience to have a better understanding of the background and development of film production in China and the Portuguese-speaking countries, thereby introducing them to the artistic power of Chinese and Portuguese  films.

The “China and Portuguese-speaking Countries Film Festival” aims to introduce Portuguese films to Macao audience and Chinese films to the Portuguese community, as well as using the series of contemporary local productions as a means to showcase Macao’s unique culture to the world. The Film Festival provides an exchange platform for the film industries of the countries, thus making full use of Macao’s role as a connecting bridge and facilitating the development of “Cultural Exchange Centre between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries”, to showcase the unique charm of the city where “traditional Chinese culture prevails and other cultures flourish in harmony”.