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The Sons of Odysseus

Odysseus is a significant prototype in the great Homeric Hymns. After the Trojan War, Odysseus, the hero, endured ten years of trials and tribulations on his journey back home. His story was recorded in the Odyssey, one of the two major ancient Greek epic poems attributed to Homer, in which the major themes of civilisation, such as “journey”, “lost”, and “returning” were explored.

The Odyssey – A wandering journey based on Homer directed by German theatre director Antú Romero Nunes, focuses on the incident where two sons of Odysseus meet each other. Epic poem is not commonly featured in contemporary theatre. Through minimal yet occult artistic style, as well as plots full of dark humour, the several grand themes in Odysseus’ story are condensed into a compact 90-minute performance. Led by two exceptional actors, Thomas Niehaus and Paul Schröder, the performance provides a contemporary perspective to this ancient myth.

By Tang Ching Kin
Hong Kong theatre critic

This article is excerpted and translated from Chinese


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