Eisa Jocson (The Philippines)

12, 13/5|Saturday, Sunday|20:00
MOP 250|Old Court Building, 2nd floor (no elevator)

“Is dance then only ‘dance’ when it is beautiful… and not when it is born out of society’s margins?” – Eisa Jocson

“Host” is a one-­woman-­entertainment-­service machine.

In the hostess clubs of Tokyo, Filipino women and transgender hostesses engage in “affective labour” by performing a version of femininity that caters to Japanese salarymen, and employing mimetic strategies and a mix of identities to survive and succeed.

Eisa Jocson is a contemporary choreographer and dancer based in Manila. She won the Pole Art Award in 2010, and soon after created and premiered her iconic work Macho Dancer in 2013. In 2015, she performed the role of “host”, receiving and entertaining audiences as her guests. With her database of dance movements, she leads audiences to observe the relations between body, gender, labour, society and commercialisation in a visual feast of dance, providing them room for contemplating their own identity.


Concept, Choreography and Dance: Eisa Jocson
Sound Design and Composition: Marc Appart
Coach: Rasa Alksynte
Dramaturge: Arco Renz
Producer: Tang Fu Kuen
Production and Technical Director: Yap Seok Hui | ARTFACTORY


Duration: approximately 1 hour, no interval
Restricted to audiences aged 13 and above (contains adult content)

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