The Macau Arts Festival continues to step into schools and neighbourhoods, continuing the platform of barrier-free performance appreciation and art involvement. You are also invited to think outside the box with the art critics, expanding the boundaries of thinking.

Your Reviews

During the annual MAF, works of completely different styles always inspire audiences with different tastes. Just visit the Your Reviews website exchange ideas with like-minded audience and express your views! This year, we will continue to invite guest art critics to be the judges and the three selected non-professional art critics will be given the opportunity to watch superb performances of next year’s MAF for free!

Website "Your Reviews""



Guest Art Critics

Art critics from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao will gather to watch performances and produces critiques,  offering in-depth commentaries and sharing their diverse angles of analysis with the audience!

Platform for publishing art critiques:

Macau: Macau Daily, Performing Art Forum, All About Macau Media and The Reviews website (http://reviews.macautheatre.org.mo/)

Hong Kong: Artism Online ( http://reviews.macautheatre.org.mo/)  and website of the International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong) (http://www.iatc.com.hk/

Singapore:  www.theatrex.asia



Secondary School Students Writing on MAF

The Art Criticism Class is making a comeback!

You might think that “art criticism” is dense and difficult to understand? You are not sure about how to begin?  The experts will give you some tips and possibly stimulate your new imagination in performing arts!

Experienced art critics will be the instructors and they will  impart their unique drama and dance appreciation techniques to students, who will then put theory into practice and watch the programmes*.  Students are required to publish a short critique with no fewer than 100 words on Facebook within the 48 hours after watching the performance. Instructors will hold a sharing session after collecting the short critiques, and discuss their writings. The best three short critiques will be selected and the authors of these selected critiques will be able to watch a MAF programme in 2018 for free!

Dates: April to mid-May ( seminar dates can be arranged later )

Duration: 40 to 60 minutes

Venue: Inside the school where the specific venue will be arranged by the school

Target participants: Upper secondary school students of Macau (Suitable for  those of  drama clubs, dance clubs, writing classes and other interested individuals)
Sessions: 6 in total (on a first-come, first-served basis)

Language: Cantonese

Date of the Sharing Session: 23/5 (Tuesday), 6 pm (location to be confirmed)

Inquiries and Registration:
Miss Cheong (8399 6651 / ikcheong@icm.gov.mo
Miss Ho (8399 6650/ wiho@icm.gov.mo

*Each school will be given a certain amount of show tickets for students who have participated in the "Secondary School Students Writing on MAF" to attend the performances.


J Lei Ioi Chon

J is a Macao theatre worker who mainly engages in art projects and dance theatre creation. She is also the founding member of the local art societies “Comuna de Pedra” and the “Old Ladies' House Art Space (Ox Warehouse)”. Since 1995, she has curated and performed in many works, including “A Notice of Sinking”, “A Dance Citation”, “The Prosperity Alarm of the Goldfish Tank in Nam Van Lake” and “Here She Dances”.

Cola Wong
Sponsored by the Cultural Affairs Bureau to pursuit studies in Taiwan and the United Kingdom, Wong has received a bachelor’s degree from the Department of Drama and Theatre at the National Taiwan University and a master’s degree in Theatre Design from the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama. Her works span across the fields of drama, music, dance, Cantonese opera, children’s theatre, exhibition and installation art.

She was a critic-in-residence at the 26th Macao Arts Festival, and an instructor for “Secondary Students’ Writing on the 26th Macao Arts Festival” program and "Palestras Sobre Temas Culturais" Series, in which she toured in secondary schools to lecture on theatre and scenic design.

Remote Macao Performances for Schools

Rimini Protokoll from Germany will devise a exclusive Macau route for you, in which you will pass through streets, parks, hospitals and churches, and many more.  Group registration is now open to secondary schools. Come and enjoy the state of being remote-controlled!

Date: May 11-12/5, 18-19/5 (Thursdays and Fridays)  (a total of four afternoon sessions)
Duration: approximately 1 hour 40 minutes, with specific time to be coordinated with the schools.
Meeting Point: To be confirmed
Number of Participants: 30 persons per session
Target Participants: secondary students in Macau
Language: Cantonese or English

Inquiries and registration: Miss Cheong(8399 6979 / sicheong@icm.gov.mo

Arts Accessibility Services

This year, the Macao Arts Festival provides arts accessibility  services for the following programmes, among which 6 complimentary tickets for each performance of Metamorphosis under the Star are available for interested parties.

Metamorphosis under the Starry night

Sessions with Accessibility Services: 3 pm and 8 pm on May 13 and 14 (4 sessions in total)

Venue: Old Court Building

Service provided: audio description for theatre (Cantonese)

Target audience: People aged 3 or above.

How to get the tickets: Interested individuals can register for the tickets at the ticket offices of Macau Ticket from 13/3 to 18/4. Please present valid “Disability Assessment Registration Card – Persons with Visual and Hearing Impairments”. Each cardholder can receive up to 2 tickets on a first-come, first-served basis.

Movie My Way
Screening date: 5/5 (Friday)
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Tap Siac Square
Services provided: Accessible Captions and sign language interpretation

Free admission(no ticket required)

Movie Little Prince
Screening date: 19/5 (Friday)
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Camões Garden
Services provided: audio description (Cantonese), accessible captions and sign language interpretation.

Free admission(no ticket required)

Adventures of Illustrated Stories

Miss Stories from Strawberry Fields will turn into different lively characters based on the picture books and visit different family service organisations and groups, inviting adults and children to take part in the plots of the illustrated stories. Through verbal interaction, role-playing and extension topics of the drama activities, a joyful atmosphere will be invigorated and imagination will be stimulated. Organisations offering family support services are welcome to register and it is free of charge!

Date:  April and May (every Friday, Saturday or Sunday, with specific time to be coordinated with the organisation)

Target participants: organisations or groups offering family support services

Venue:  To be provided by the participating organisations or groups

Number of Sessions: 5 sessions (15 parent-child pairs per session)

Duration: Approximately 90 minutes per session

Inquiries and registration: Miss Cheong (83996651 / ikcheong@icm.gov.mo); Ms Ho (83996650 / wiho@icm.gov.mo)

Introduction of the group

Strawberry Fields Arts Education Workshop

The Strawberry Fields Arts Education Workshop, a non-profit organisation of arts education, was founded in June 2001 and consists of a number of local arts educators from different sectors of the community. Strawberry Fields has cooperated with different groups of society in organising arts education activities that target children and teenagers, with the goal of inspiring creativity, discovering and expressing their potential, and establishing a healthy personality development through the combination of common resources of the community. In recent years, aside from actively promoting drama education in Macau, Strawberry Fields also goes to different neighbourhoods to tell stories to children in the parks on a regular basis.