In order to continue the surprise-filled fun spirit, we are going to create a one-of-a-kind art experience for you again this year!

One Day! Cantonese Opera

How much preparation is necessary for a Cantonese Opera performance? From the four main skills of song, speech, dance-acting and combat, to costumes and makeup... everything on a Cantonese opera actor is a treasure! This time, FAM PLAY will bring you to the rarely exposed Cantonese opera training camp to practice with the teen siu sangs (young scholar role) and fa dans (young belle role), getting a deeper understanding of the postures, texts and costumes of Cantonese opera, and there are even opportunities to try wearing Cantonese opera makeup! Let's get immersed in the wonderful world of Cantonese opera!

Date: 1 ,8/4 (a total of two sessions)
Time: 2pm (approx. 4 hours per session)
Venue: Community Service Building of General Residents Association of Macao
Target Participants: 12 years old or above
Number of Participants: 15 persons per session
Language: Cantonese

Macao Youth Cantonese Opera Opera Culture and Art Development Association