Rusty Nails & Other Heroes

TAMTAM objektentheater (The Netherlands)

“Visual masterpiece of very high level!” – Freek Neijrinck, The World of Puppetry, The Netherlands

5-7/5|Friday to Sunday|20:00(5/5)|11:00,15:00 (6,7/5)|17:00(6/5)

MOP 160    |    Macau Conservatory Auditorium

A rusty saw plays the sea. Seeds become gentle birds. Old working gloves turn into an endless swamp… It is a world where pieces of string, old rubber gloves and pieces of wood can become adorable action heroes. There is no need for words. Just follow the poetic visuals and joyful music, and enter a unique world of playfulness that we so easily forget about in adulthood.

TAMTAM objektentheater from the Netherlands specialises in visual performances without text. TAMTAM tells stories through objects, images, music and videos, creating a theatre where your wild imaginations could fly. The ensemble has toured in 30 countries around the world since its establishment in 1979, gained huge popularity due to its absurd but subtle humour and originality.

Duration: approximately 35 minutes, no interval

Performers: Gérard Schiphorst and Marije van der Sande

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