Moonlight (2016, USA)

Director: Barry Jenkins
Time: 16:30
Venue: Cinematheque.Passion
Duration: 111 minutes
Language: English
Subtitles: Chinese and English

Ever since he was a child, Chiron was deprived of parental care and suffered from bullying by his peers, thus he already learnt to face it with silence long ago. After reaching adulthood, Chiron realises that being unable to be honest about his love for his same-sex friend is indeed far more painful than the grievances brought by life. The three stages of life of African-American boy Chiron – childhood, adolescence and adulthood - are respectively played by three exceptional black actors. “Moonlight” is one of the very few American films engaging the issues of African homosexuals in recent years.

Meanwhile, it won the National Society of Film Critics’s top honour, “Best Picture”, in 2016, and has already swept over 100 film awards worldwide.


Francisco Lo

Francisco Lo is a Macau citizen and worked as an English editor at the Hong Kong Film Archive. He has studied abroad and lived in United States for years. Lo is co-founder of Film Monitor, an independent film review journal in Houston, US. He also worked as a counsellor at the Houston Area Women's Centre for 8 years. His favourite directors are Yasujirō Ozu and Jean Eustache. In recent years, he has been active in working at film festivals in Hong Kong and Macau.