Macao Soul

Macao Orchestra





St. Dominic's Church


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Experience the soul of the city through music

Conductor: Lü Jia
Louise Kwong, Soprano
Chen Chen, Tenor
Apollo Wong, Bass
Macao Perosi Choir and The Learners Chorus

Doming Lam: Magnificat
Fr. Áureo Castro: Te Deum
Lam Bun Ching: Macao Cantata (World premiere)

Lam Bun Ching, a renowned Macao composer, is a paradigm of contemporary symphonic composition. Her works feature an extraordinary style that combines Eastern and Western cultures. The Mead composer-in-residence of the Macao Orchestra latest work, Macao Cantata, for orchestra, chorus and vocalists featuring texts in Cantonese, Latin and Macanese, is themed on Macao and demonstrates the unique character of the region through music, showcasing the fertile and inclusive local cultural traditions.

Macao-born composer Doming Lam – dubbed the “Father of New Music in Hong Kong” – has been long committed to the modernisation of Chinese music. His Magnificat, with lyrics in Chinese translated from Latin, sung in Cantonese, was composed in 1982. The work boasts a festive aura, skillfully blending Western and local music genres.

The late Fr. Áureo Castro dedicated his life to the promotion of music and inspired numerous students. The Portuguese priest composed a large number of works and was one of the founders of the Macao Chamber Orchestra, predecessor of the Macao Orchestra. His magnificent and solemn Te Deum features strong liturgical qualities.

Don’t miss Macao Soul featuring pieces by three composers who have a hearty relationship with Macao, performed by the Macao Orchestra under the baton of Lü in a noble church of Macao.

Duration: approximately 1 hour, no interval