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16 ~ 19/5|Thursday ~ Sunday|6pm to 10pm
Iao Hon Garden
Free admission

16/5  Thursday

Time Performance  Performing Artist/ Group
18:00 Puppet Show
“Hands Up!”          
Lejo (The Netherlands)
18:15 Puppet Show
Sérgio Rolo(Casa de Portugal)
18:50 Stilts Macau Youth Circus Arts Association (MYCA)
19:05 Puppet Show
“Hands Up!”

Lejo (The Netherlands)
19:20 Glove Puppet Theatre Huang Shihchin Video Puppet Opera Troupe
20:00 Puppet Show
“Hands Up!” 
Lejo (The Netherlands)
20:15 Stilts Macau Youth Circus Arts Association (MYCA)
20:30 Puppet and Shadow Performance Hong Kong Puppet and Shadow Art Center


17/5   Friday

Time Performance  Performing Artist/ Group
18:30 Glove Puppet Theatre            Huang Shihchin Video Puppet Opera Troupe
19:15 Puppet Show
Sérgio Rolo(Casa de Portugal)
20:00 Puppet and Shadow Performance  Hong Kong Puppet and Shadow Art Center
20:45 Stilts Macau Youth Circus Arts Association (MYCA)
21:00 Glove Puppet Theatre Huang Shihchin Video Puppet Opera Troupe


18/5 Saturday

Time Performance  Performing Artist/ Group
18:00 Multi-Media Performance
Casa de Portugal
18:30 SuZhou Pingtan JiangSu Province Pingtan Troupe
19:00 Puppet Show
“Roberto's Theatre”
Sérgio Rolo(Casa de Portugal)
19:15 Multi-Media Performance
“I Dreamt About Macau”  
Maranatha Arts Society
20:00 Puppet Show
“Roberto's Theatre”
Sérgio Rolo(Casa de Portugal)
20:15 Drama Organised by the Macao Fringe Club
  “To Eat One's Own Fruit” Friends of Fringe
  “Last Shuttle”   Pui Ching Middle School
  “Relative Live Far Away”  Friends of Fringe
  Story Telling  

19/5 Sunday

Time Performance  Performing Artist/ Group
18:00 Multi-Media Performance
Casa de Portugal
18:30 Multi-Media Performance
“I Dreamt about Macau”  

Maranatha Arts Society
19:15  Puppet Show
“Roberto's Theatre” 
Sérgio Rolo(Casa de Portugal)
19:30 Jazz Macau Jazz Promotion Association
20:15 Puppet Show
“Roberto's Theatre” 
Sérgio Rolo(Casa de Portugal)
20:30 Percussion  Macao Percussion Association

*the Organiser reserves the right to make changes to the programme and / or the cast of performers at any time.


Biographical Notes

Lejo (The Netherlands)
Leo Petersen conceived his puppets only with hands and eyes for a study project in 1995 and they became an immediate success. He has since been entertaining children and parents all around the globe in theatres, festivals and television, appearing regularly on television as the main artist for the Dutch version of Sesame Street, “Sesamstraat”.

Sérgio Rolo(Casa de Portugal)
Graduated in Set Design from the Contemporary Academy for Performing Arts and with more than fifteen years of professional experience in the field of Theatre and Puppetry, Sérgio Rolo(Casa de Portugal) integrates the creative team and the Group for the Performing Arts, School of Arts and Crafts of Casa de Portugal in Macau.

Macau Youth Circus Arts Association (MYCA)
MYCA Macau Youth Circus Arts Association with support from MASSFX Macau Arts Stunts Shows Special Effects.
Creating advanced circus art training and guidance to Macao residents. With such limited resources and focused training space, we are on the forefront of creating Macao's first real circus school and potentially creating the regions first local circus tour programming. 
The director, Colt Sandberg, with 23 years of experience in circus and performing arts worldwide, shows it to Macao as he sees the need to counterbalance the gaming industry with localised cultural programs for the future sustainable youth and city installation of arts. Working for both Dragone and Cirque du Soleil technical and artistic departments, he remains in Macao offering assistance in all artistic performance design and materials.

Huang Shihchin Video Puppet Opera Troupe
The leader of the troupe, Huang Shihchin, studied under Huang Zunxiong, and being a member of a cultural art troupe, he is committed to promote and pass on the concept and innovations in the art of puppeteering. The troupe is known for its dexterity in the manipulation of the puppets, its design of the puppets, production of the backdrop, as well as its original poetic speeches. The image design of the puppets and the style of performance have been expanded outside the confines of conventional glove puppet production. The troupe is also keen to perform with both traditional puppet characters and new contemporary ones, to upkeep their continuous creativity and invite interaction with the public.

Hong Kong Puppet and Shadow Art Center
Hong Kong Puppet and Shadow Art Center (HKPSAC) had been established since 2001. It has combined the tradition and modernity’s control skill of puppet and shadow, and according to this, it was awarded the “Special Award” in “Golden Lion Competition” in 2003. It is one of the active puppets and shadow performance centres in Hong Kong and is frequently invited to perform in different festivals and in various different countries.

Casa de Portugal
To meet the objectives for which it was created, the “School of Arts and Crafts of Casa de Portugal” has been developing a series of creative activities with the particularity of being able to complement and coordinate with each other.
The show “Emotions” presented by Casa de Portugal is a proof of this.
Starting from a group of about 40 young people aged between 10 and 20 years, of different nationalities and with common interests such as shared experiences, create, dance and mostly feel life in an extremely happily way, arose Group Performing Arts.
Guiding this troupe, we have a group of elements, also very young, who have given unique energies of their own to this art. They were joined by several other elements of different creative areas that integrate Casa de Portugal, thus allowing a greater job enrichment that Casa de Portugal intends to pursue.
The Group has the guidance and collaboration of creative displays of different areas of the School of Arts and Crafts of Casa de Portugal in Macau, thus allowing a greater enrichment work that intends to pursue.
Dance, music, theatre, puppetry and new computer technologies could well hold hands giving life to show “Emotions”.

The Jiangsu Province Pingtan Troupe
The Jiangsu Province Pingtan Troupe is an affiliation of the Jiangsu Province Performing Arts Group. It was established in 1960 and was formerly known as the Jiangsu Province Quyi Troupe, Suzhou Pingtan is the main genre in its repertoire. (Jiangsu Province Performing Arts Group was established in 1960 and is the biggest comprehensive performing art group in China. In 2004, it was confirmed that the troupe would be included in the pilot programme of the nation's cultural system reform.)
Throughout the years, the Jiangsu Province Pingtan Troupe has trained up a group of renowned ballad-singing artists including Wang Shaotang, Jin Shengbai, Hou Lijun, etc. , and it currently has a team of excellent performing talents like Jiang Yongchun,  Wang Zhenghua, Wang Jianzhong, Jiang Chunlei, Hung Qingyan, Xia Xiyan, etc.
Aside from performing the traditional long stories, the Jiangsu Province Pington Troupe has recently introduced an outstanding series of comparatively shorter ones such as “What a Colourful Life” “The Story of the Gold Hair Pin”, “Auspicious Tidings and Prosperity”, among others. The troupe has performed numerous times at the New Year Galas organized by the China Central Television and the Ministry of Culture, the China Arts Festivals and similar activities; it has been accredited with the Five-One Project Award, the National Wenhua Performance Prize (twice) and Wenhua New Program Prize, and performed numerous times in the China Pingtao Arts Festival, the China Quyi Festival, Jiangsu Province Quyi Festival and won the Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Shanghai Pingtan Billboard Award.

Maranatha Arts Society
Maranatha Arts Society is an artistic Company founded in Macau in 2006. Its creation was due to the lack of artistic-cultural offerings and positive promotion of human values. The purpose of MAS is to communicate and motivate through different arts and cultural aspects which hope to help exalt in human beings more solidarity, respect and regards for each other.

Macao Fringe Club
With a mission to promote arts activities, enrich civilized urban living, stimulate cooperation among arts organizations and encourage exchanges with similar overseas organizations, the Macao Fringe Club has organized and co-organized many theatrical activities, such as “Performances for Exchange between Zen and Macau”; “Spotlight” and has also published “Simple Theatre Plays (volume ii)”. After performing their legendary “Sunrise” in the 20th Macao Arts Festival, the Macao Fringe Club is back this year with three short plays including “To Eat One's Own Fruit” written by the club's president, Chou Shui Lei. This award-winning play was previously selected to perform in the Joint Performance of Macao Short Plays, Interschool Drama Contest, the 2012 Children's Story Telling Contest as well as the 2013 Story Telling Contest for Elders.

Macau Jazz Promotion Association
Founded in 2010, the Macau Jazz Promotion Association is a non-profit association with an aim to promote jazz music in Macao and provide local jazz musicians with learning as well as performing opportunities. It targets to bring about great performances and activities to the local public, so as to foster the multicultural characteristics of Macao.

Macao Percussion Association
Macao Percussion Association, a non-profitable association founded in December 2006, is the first percussion association established in Macao. It aims to promote public’s interest in percussion, to foster young percussionists, as well as to enhance the quality of percussion performance in Macao. Encore Percussion Ensemble, is the first percussion ensemble subordinating to the association, has pioneered the development of arts of percussion in Macao since 1999. Encore Ensemble has performed in various events, such as Beijing 2008 Olympic Game Torch Relay - Macao, Macau SAR anniversary celebration concert – Youth Symphony Marathon, Macao Fringe and “Parade through Macau, Latin City”.


11/5 ~ 8/9|Daily, 10am to 7pm
Tap Seac Gallery

Xavier Le Roy (France)

16 ~19 /5|Thursday ~ Sunday|8pm
Old Court Building

Associação Audio-Visual “Cut”

17~19/5 |Friday ~ Sunday|7:30 pm – 10pm
Square of the Ruins of St. Paul’s

Clair de Lune Théâtre (Belgium)

17 ~ 19 /5|Friday ~ Sunday|11am, 12:30pm, 3pm, 4:30pm
Lou Kau Mansion

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