Tom Dale Company (United Kingdom)
I Infinite

4~6/5│Friday to Sunday│4:30pm (5,6/5),7:30pm (4-6/5), 9pm (4,6/5)
Old Court Building

Gobbledegook (United Kingdom)
The Planet of the Beetlebuns

4~6/5│Firday to Sunday│10am, 11am, 12pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm
Dom Pedro V Theatre Mirror Hall

Hiu Kok Drama Association
The Imperial Concubine of the Last Dynasty

5, 6/5│Saturday, Sunday│8pm
Dom Pedro V Theatre

Little Mountain Arts Association
Dream a Little Dream of Little Monkey

5, 6/5│Saturday, Sunday│3pm, 5pm
Mandarin's House

The Macao Chinese Orchestra

Macao Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium


Compañia La Zopenca (Argentina)
Colores Primarios
5, 6/5│Saturday, Sunday│11am, 4pm, 6pm
Macau Conservatory Auditorium

MOP 100

Original Idea and Mise-en-scène: Cia. La Zopenca
Puppeteers: Natalia Bindenmeister and Guadalupe Lombardozzi
Director: Natalia Bindenmeister
Set, Puppet and Prop Designers: Guadalupe Lombardozzi, Miriam
Salto and Gustavo Garabito
Sound Editors: Papamusic

After a long and fruitful creative relationship, Natalia Bindenmaister and Guadalupe Lombardozzi – who both studied at the Teatro General San Martin’s Puppeteer School, in Buenos Aires – joined forces to continue their exploration and creative search, founding Compañia La Zopenca in 2004. Rather than confine itself to a single aesthetic foundation, La Zopenca transforms and evolves along with the imagination and creativity of its founders.

Colores Primarios takes audiences on a tour of child development in early infancy, through metaphor. Young Luca discovers the marvels of the new world that surrounds
him, as he discovers himself as well, from his first steps, his weaning from the pacifier, his voyage through a child’s first years until his first day of school. In this show, Compañia La Zopenca offers a trip of discovery through the real and the imaginary worlds in the life of a small boy.

Limited to ages 3+
Duration: approximately 45 minutes, no interval