Macao Arts Festival
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Suspension of the 19th Macao Arts Festival performances due to the national mourning in memory of the victims of the earthquake occurred in Sichuan province   


Due to the tragic earthquake which occurred in Sichuan province, the Government has decreed three days of national mourning, from 19 to 21 May, in memory of the victims.

19th Macao Arts Festival   


After last week’s avant-garde delirium of The Aluminum Show and PingPangPong: Noridan Episode 5 and two memorable classical music concerts, the 19th Macao Arts Festival now shifts its focus onto dance and theatre, anticipating one more unforgettable weekend.

19th Macao Arts Festival
Beautiful Arts, Beautiful Life!


Featuring more than 30 performances by artists from Israel, India, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, Canada and South Korea, the Festival season would not be complete without the ever-present spirit of performers from Macao and Mainland China, as well.


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Macao Young Musicians Competition