Art Promotion Mini Parade to be held at the Ruins of St. Paul’s this weekend

Date of publication: 29/11/2018
Type: Macau Latin Parade

Organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, from the Portuguese acronym), the “2018 Macao International Parade”, celebrating the 19th Anniversary of Macao’s Handover to China, will be held on 16 December. The Organizer is holding an “Art Promotion Mini Parade” this weekend (1 and 2 December), at the Ruins of St. Paul’s, allowing residents and tourists to experience the charm of the Parade in advance and have fun with the arts groups.

The Parade is dedicated to linking arts to the community. In order to allow residents to experience the festive atmosphere of the Parade in advance, the Organizer specially organizes an “Art Promotion Mini Parade”. The arts groups that will join the Mini Parade will depart from the Ruins of St. Paul’s, passing through Rua de S. Paulo and Rua de Santo António to St. Anthony’s Church, and will return along the same route, singing, dancing and promoting the Macao International Parade close by residents and tourists.

On Saturday (1 December), the participating groups that are joining the Mini Parade include the Macao Cantonese Opera Association, Macau Youth International Art and Culture Association, Macau Talent Academy Association, Ou Mun Sin U Hong Chong Wui, Associação para o Indivíduo em Macau, Clube dos Amigos do Riquexó, Macau International Association of Oriental Dance, Musical Power of Macau, General Association of Macau Fuzhou Shi Yi Association and the General Association of Macao Square Fitness Dance.

On Sunday (2 December), the participating groups that are joining the Mini Parade include theLouis Dance Association, Associação de Dança e Música Pop de Macau, Macau Anglican College, Kapo Dance Studio, Miss White Dance Group, Modern Player Music Promotion Association, Association of Macau Street Dance, Associação para Intercâmbio e Apreciação da Cultura e Arte de Hua Xia-Macau, Associação dos Conterrâneos do Vietname de Macau and the Bisdak Association of Macau.

This year’s Parade brings its festive atmosphere to campuses and the community, inviting various foreign art groups and artists including Artistic Intervention Projects (PIA) from Portugal and Lívia Mattos from Brazil to host community workshops, and Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko from Japan to offer performances and share their experience in local campuses, promoting the Parade close by residents and students while cultivating art appreciation. Next week, more outreach performances and activities of the Parade will also be held in different places in the community. For more information, please visit the Macao International Parade website at or the respective page on Facebook at