Cultural Affairs Bureau accepts new Macau Central Library design proposal winning company’s explanation

Date of publication: 26/11/2018
Type: Notice

Given the recent public voices over the design tender of the New Macau Central Library, the winning company, MAA Marreiros Architectural Atelier Limited, has made public their design concept for the new library and submitted an explanation in writing to the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC). After consulting with members of the Committee of Proposal Evaluation, IC expressed approval of the explanation offered by the winning company.

The committee members noted that modern architecture has been profoundly influenced by the works of architectural giants of the 20th century, such as Le Corbusier and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, whose architectural styles and language have always served as the blueprint for the younger generation of architects to learn from. The architectural style and language of the Auditorio de León in Spain and the New Macau Central Library design are both derived from the brise-soleil feature, as shown in many works of Le Corbusier. However, the façade segmentation and function of the various floors behind the façade share no similarity with those of the Auditorio de León. The committee also considered that the overall design concept of the winning company’s proposal gave it a competitive edge over other tenders. The concept includes the function and layout, the integration of old and new architecture and strategy for the conservation of cultural heritage and so on.

After consolidating the winning company’s explanation and committee members’ opinions, IC believed that no evidence has been found to prove any breach of the tender or relevant laws by the successful tenderer at this stage. IC will, therefore, proceed with the subsequent work and strive to inaugurate the New Macau Central Library as scheduled.