Patane Library suffers flooding from its manholes

Date of publication: 18/09/2018
Type: Notice

After typhoon Mangkhut hit Macao, libraries in low-lying areas, such as the Patane Library and the Red Market Library, suffered some damage. However, thanks to the emergency mechanisms launched by the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, from the Portuguese acronym) prior to the typhoon, like the removal of important library resources and items, such as self-service machines, computers and related equipment, books and magazines, furniture, etc., and the cut of power before the closing of the libraries. Given its location in a low-lying area, the main cause of the flooding at the Patane Library was the entrance of seawater through its manholes. The Library has at least 10 manholes inside and it was from these manholes that the seawater gushed in. Following an inspection, it was noted that the Library’s distribution board was affected by flooding, causing damage to some of its components, which now need replacement; since the purchase of this components will take time, at the moment the Library does not meet the conditions for reopening.

IC will continue to analyse the hidden dangers of flooding in low-lying areas. The resources of the two libraries did not suffer any damage by flooding. The Red Market Library reopened to the public on 19 September at 2pm. IC mentioned that the Patane Library will reopen to the public as soon as the distribution board resumes normal operation.