Liu Sha becomes the Macao Chinese Orchestra new Music Director and Principal Conductor heading the Orchestra towards internationalization

Date of publication: 29/08/2018
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The Meet-the-Press session for Macao Chinese Orchestra (OCHM, from the Portuguese acronym) 2018-19 Concert Season, under the auspices of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, was held on 28 August, at 4pm, at the Macao Cultural Centre Conference Room, and was attended by the President of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Mon Ian Ian; the National Class One Conductor and Resident Conductor of the China National Traditional Orchestra, Liu Sha; the Acting Head of the Department of Performing Arts Development of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Cheang Kai Meng; the Resident Conductor and Concertmaster of the Macao Chinese Orchestra, Sun Peng and Zhang Yueru, among others. In the session, IC announced that it invited the National Class One Conductor, Liu Sha, to be the new Music Director and Principal Conductor of the Macao Chinese Orchestra.

Conductor Liu Sha thanked the Cultural Affairs Bureau for its trust. Thanks to several cooperation projects over the years, the conductor has established a good relationship with OCHM’s musicians, and believes that he will lead the Orchestra a step further in terms of professionalism, artistic appeal and flexibility. The conductor also mentioned that he will bring various concerts that fuse the Chinese and Portuguese cultures and traditional national music in the near future, hoping to present Macao’s unique Chinese and Western cultural and artistic characteristics.

Starting from the east, shine around the world
Established in 1987, OCHM is a professional orchestra under the auspices of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao SAR Government. OCHM has always adhered to its principles, namely “taking root in Macao, facing the world, inheriting Chinese and Western traditions, and disseminating culture”, endeavouring to present the art of Chinese music in tune with the spirit of times, serving local audiences and promoting Macao’s image abroad. The Orchestra also seeks to assert itself in the east by its high standards and attitude of rigor and, thereby, shine around the world. In this new concert season, OCHM will strive to strengthen exchanges with countries along the route of the strategy “One Belt, One Road” through the cooperation mechanism of the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area”, bringing Chinese music to a broader world stage.

Diversified programmes gathers top musicians
According to the introduction by the new Music Director and Principal Conductor, Liu Sha, he will foster OCHM to have an even more open attitude, meticulously programming the concerts for the new 2018-19 season, hoping to offer Chinese music aficionados a richer visual and audio experience and bringing new and outstanding works in a variety of styles.

In the new concert season, the Orchestra, aside from welcoming the new Music Director and Principal Conductor, Liu Sha, also invites numerous world-class conductors, artistic directors, musicians and young performers to take to Macao’s stages, including Zhang Lie, resident conductor of the China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra and Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of the Guangdong National Orchestra and the Henan National Music Orchestra; Wen Fengchao, resident conductor of the China Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble; He Wangbao, a top expert in Guangdong music; Wu Qiang, renowned liuqin and zhongruan performer, conductor and professor of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music; Wang Jianhua, percussionist and doctorate counsellor of the Central Conservatory of Music; Quek Ling Kiong, resident conductor of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra; Kwok Kin-ming, conductor of the Hong Kong Youth Chinese Orchestra and of the Music Office of the Children’s Chinese Orchestra; Yu Hongmei, erhu performer, doctorate counsellor and Deputy Dean of the Central Conservatory of Music; Zhao Xiaoxia, associate professor and guqin performer of the Central Conservatory of Music; Guo Yazhi, renowned master performer of suona; Zhao Cong, principal pipa of the China National Traditional Orchestra; Wu Li, Deputy Director of the Chinese Traditional Music Department and guzheng professor of the Xinghai Conservatory of Music in Guangzhou; young cellist Nie Jiapeng; Tang Junqiao, Asia’s most influential dizi performer and professor of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music; Song Yuanming, an Austria-based soprano; and Zheng Jiali, China’s most remarkable wind instruments performer and musician of the China National Traditional Orchestra, among others. In addition, the Orchestra premiers a suite for orchestra describing impressions of Shanxi by young remarkable composer Wang Danhong as well as a guzheng concerto by Tao Yimo. The new concert season is divided in six concert series, namely the “Classics Series”, the “Special Productions Series”, the “Strolling in the Garden Listening to Music Series”, the “Museum Concerts Series”, the “Musical Inheritance Series” and the “Community Involvement with Music Series”, hoping that its rich performances will develop the audience’s interest in Chinese music and enrich their soul through the delicate and refined music.

Devotion to the promotion of the population’s tastes
In this new concert season, OCHM organizes a series of educational and promotional concerts while preserving its characteristics as a chamber ensemble. Through musical performances, plays comprised of monologues, a capella concerts and interactive games, the Orchestra intends to enhance the perception and appreciation skills of the local students, thereby allowing them to learn the rules and customs of concerts. In October, OCHM, in cooperation with the Educational and Youth Affairs Bureau, launches the “Project of Generalisation of Art Education Programme for Students - A Taste of Tradition, Let's Enjoy Chinese Music Performed by Macao Chinese Orchestra”, allowing students to become aware of the changes which took place from the tradition to the present, to taste the richness of the classics and of pluralism and to enjoy all kinds of tastes. This project, while enriching residents’ cultural life, will also lead to an even greater promotion and transmission of Chinese musical arts.

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