‘HUSH!! Full Music’ Delivers Diversified Music Experience

Date of publication: 28/03/2018
Type: Concert

Organised by the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) and co-organised by the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau and the Marine and Water Bureau, the beach concert ‘HUSH!! Full Music’ will be staged at Hac Sa Beach from 29th April to 1st May (Sunday to Tuesday), where an array of music bands from Macao and several regions in Asia will deliver a marathon music feast. To offer a diversified music experience, the organisers are launching for the first time the Summer Chill stage, which will feature a variety of music topics, as well as the HUSH!! GEG Silent Disco, while continuing to hold music workshops, a short video competition and a handicraft market. All events offer free admission and welcome all music lovers!

‘Music Hot Wave’ and ‘Summer Chill’ stages offer diversified line-up to look forward to
The ‘Hush!! Full Music’ beach concert will unfold a music feast lasting a total of 20 hours from 1pm to 9:30pm on 29th April and 1st May and from 7pm to 10pm on 30th April at the Music Hot Wave stage on the beach and the Summer Chill stage in the woods. Overseas guest performers include Crossfaith (Japan), Mary See the Future (Taiwan), Life and Time (South Korea), .gif (Singapore), Wu Tiao Ren (Haifeng, Guangdong), GDJYB (Hong Kong), Jason Kui (Hong Kong) and Eva Tana & Maisha (Yunnan and Macao). Local artists comprise Blademark, WhyOceans, Zenith, M7, Cancer Game, Ferdinand, Strawberry Kingdom, Seize the Throne, Serpent, Eva Tana & Sin Wong, Frog.W, Rachel & Judas Law (Macao and Hong Kong), Akitsugu Fukushima, Romeu, Bobby, Kay & Coolson, Water Singers, Lobo Ip and the Macau Jazz Promotion Association.

This year, HUSH!! is offering an even more diversified range of experiences for concert-goers, presenting for the very first time the Summer Chill stage to promote different music genres in Macao. Local independent artists will be invited to share their musical insights and perform live a variety of genres including electronic music, folk music and a cappella music at several time slots on 29th April and 1st May; and local music albums will be showcased in an adjoining booth. On the evening of 30th April, ‘Kill the Silence’ music festival, a popular experimental music festival in Hong Kong and Macao, will present a gratifying experimental music experience blended with visual and sound elements under the starlight.

In addition, the HUSH!! GEG Silent Disco, supported by the Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG), will be held on Hac Sa Beach on the evenings of 29th and 30th April. Participants are welcome to put on earphones and dance to the raving DJ music under the starry night.

A handicraft market displaying and selling a variety of cultural and creative products, food and beverages will also be set up alongside the three-day event in order to support the development of the cultural and creative industries while amplifying the event’s festive spirit.

Music workshops and short video competition ‘Hush!! 300 Seconds’ invite public participation
In view of the enthusiastic response received for last year’s music workshop, the IC will hold two workshops this year for guitar techniques and beatbox, respectively. Jason Kui, a young talented guitarist from Hong Kong, will guide participants through electric guitar techniques in the guitar techniques workshop, while Sam Lau, a member of the famed Hong Kong a cappella group Yat Po Singers, is invited to share in the beatbox workshop his rich experience in teaching and learning beatbox and a cappella skills. Registrations for the HUSH!! GEG Silent Disco and the above mentioned workshops will be open from 10am onwards on 4th April on a first-come-first-served basis. Registration can be made online through the Activity Registration System of the IC’s website at www.icm.gov.mo/eform/event or by phone through (853) 8399 6699 during office hours.

The short video competition Hush!! 300 Seconds will also make its comeback in the event, allowing everyone to show the diverse possibilities of music by sharing their works with the public. To stand a chance of winning awards and exciting prizes, participants are only required to submit the application form together with a video of their own music or vocal performance. The videos may be submitted in one of two stages, with the first open from now until 9th April and the second from 10th April to 25th April. The competition’s regulations and application form can be downloaded via the ‘HUSH!! Full Music’ concert website at www.icm.gov.mo/hush.

For more information about the event, please visit the ‘HUSH!! Full Music’ website at www.icm.gov.mo/hush, follow the ‘HUSH!! Full Music’ Facebook page and subscribe the IC’s WeChat official account ‘ICmacao’.

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