Twenty-sixth issue of C² Magazine discusses the survival guide of the brick-and-mortar bookstores in Macao

Date of publication: 03/04/2018
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Published by the Cultural Affairs Bureau and produced by Like Entertainment & Production Co. Ltd., the twenty-sixth issue of C² Magazine will be launched on 4 April (Wednesday). Although Macao is a small city, it accommodates distinctive bookstores, among which there are some bookstores trying to seek diversified operation and to develop new business besides selling books. In the section “Feature”, three representatives of local bookstores, namely Slow Tune Book Shop, Pin-to Livros and Wan Tat Book Shop, discuss the business model and operation models of local brick-and-mortar bookstores in Macao and its survival.

The secrets of success behind local design brand TICK.DESIGN, established by two local sisters of the post-90s generation, favoured by many well-known brands due to its design style, is revealed in the section “Brand Story”. In the section “Budding Talents”, street art team GANTZ5 is invited to share its experiences in graffiti art creation. Local painter Crystal Chan went to New York to pursue her artistic dreams and there she held her first solo exhibition, entitled “I Am My Own Landscape”. In the section “Around the Globe”, she shares her creation concepts as well as the experience of developing an art career abroad. In the “Blogs” section, seven columnists, namely Lo Che Ying, Tracy Choi, Lam Sio Man, Un Sio San, Ron Lam, Yap Seow Choong and Johnny Tam, share their unique perspectives on the development of the cultural and creative industries.

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