Cultural Affairs Bureau publishes the album Reflection of Macao - Documentary Photographs by Chan Hin Io

Date of publication: 31/01/2018
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The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, from the Portuguese acronym) has launched renowned Macao photographer Chan Hin Io’s album Reflection of Macao - Documentary Photographs by Chan Hin Io. This album is the third volume of the “Photo Series by Chan Hin Io”, featuring works by the author created before 2009. Taking the old neighbourhoods of Macao as background, the photographer captured the simple folkways, traditional customs, conventional industries, residents and old stores, thereby collecting fragments of a fading culture and reconstructing them, in order to show the readers the simplicity and profound culture of Macao.

Chan Hin Io uses the technique of documentary photography to record the urban landscape in a faithful manner through his lens and subtle sense of observation. The album, which comprises black and white photographs, is divided in four sections,  namely “Streetscapes”, “Lanes and Alleys”, “Neighbourhood” and “Old Stores and Shops”, is a true testimony of the urban landscape and daily life of the residents in Macao in a specific period of time. The album is extremely precious and represents a crucial value to art, history and humanity, as it reflects the photographer’s concern for society, respect for life as well as an emphasis on traditional folk crafts and old stores.

Renowned Macao photographer Chan Hin Io has been engaged in his career since 1996. He mainly focuses on capturing Macao’s customs and the city’s landscape and his works won several photography awards. His publications include Where the World Heritage Shines – Photographs of the Historic Centre of Macao, Picturesque Beauty of the Land - Aerial Photos of Macao by Chan Hin Io and Memories of the Old Crafts and Trades in Macao: A Photographic Recollection, among others.

The album Reflection of Macao - Documentary Photographs by Chan Hin Io is priced at MOP150 and is now available for sale at the Public Information Centre, Macau Cultural Plaza, the Archives of Macao, the Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre, the Mandarin’s House Gift Shop and the Taipa Houses C3 (Creative Casa). For detailed information on other IC publications, please visit the IC website at

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