Children’s Choir
New voices wanted at CCM

Date of publication: 01/12/2017
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The Macao Cultural Centre, under the Auspices of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, is looking for fresh voices to join its Children’s Choir in the coming year. Applications are now open to children aged 8 to 16 interested in developing singing skills and improving their musical culture. Auditions will take place at the end of December.

For more than a decade, children have been introduced to the world of music through choral practices, music appreciation and performances. These ranged from a special onstage appearance with Bobby McFerrin, performances at the ARTmusing Fun and an international collaboration with the French Saint Marc’s Children’s Choir. Besides these entertaining moments, choristers have also been particularly committed to attend community oriented events and environmental projects. All these activities are conceived to boost children’s musical and interpersonal skills through a planned schedule of diverse concerts and events.

CCM Children’s Choir provides musical practice, with classes in Cantonese (complemented with English) taking place on a weekly basis, every Sunday from 11am to 1pm. Application forms should be submitted by December 20 (7 pm) at the Macao Cultural Centre or any Macao Ticketing Network counter. Candidates will be individually notified of audition times, scheduled for December 30 and 31, 2017. Monthly fees will cost MOP200 and must be settled each semester. For further information on recruitment please visit .

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