Lively atmosphere at the opening of the Festival for the Promotion of “Cultural Heritage Protection Law”

Date of publication: 28/10/2017
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In conjunction with the initiative “New Frontiers for Promoting the Law – Month for law promotion among teenagers”, the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, from the Portuguese acronym) organizes a festival for the promotion of the “Cultural Heritage Protection Law” on 28 and 29 October, from 12pm to 6pm, in the outdoor area at Nos. 5-7 of Rua de Sanches de Miranda, for two consecutive days, strengthening the population’s knowledge on Macao’s cultural heritage. The Festival also features performances, games, guided tour groups, talks and exhibitions, among others, creating a lively atmosphere. The public is invited to attend and participate in these activities. Admission is free. The opening ceremony was held on 28 October, at 3pm, at Nos. 5-7 of Rua de Sanches de Miranda.

Schools and local groups related to cultural heritage transmission were invited to cooperate with the organization in order to jointly promote the cultural heritage among the population and, thereby, enhance the level of participation of society and residents. The Festival aims to introduce the public the knowledge about the cultural heritage and the content of the Cultural Heritage Protection Law in a comprehensible, lively and appealing way. The Festival offers varied activities including excellent performances, such as children’s lion dances and jazz shows, among others; games that not only offer prizes but also introduce knowledge about the Cultural Heritage Protection Law in an interesting way; as well as guided tour groups to St. Lazarus’ Quarter, lectures and exhibitions on cultural heritage, among others. These activities not only allow participants to have better understanding of the cultural heritage in the historical buildings but also to enjoy performances, participate in games and win prizes.

The “Cultural Heritage Protection Law” came into force on 1 March 2014, implementing the promotion works of Macao’s cultural heritage. Since the end of 2013, the IC has been actively disseminating information on the Cultural Heritage Protection Law, not only through advertisements on radio, television, newspapers and magazines, among other dissemination channels, but also by distributing several pamphlets on the Cultural Heritage Protection Law, thereby promoting knowledge on the protection of heritage. Several thematic information sessions were also held to introduce the related legal provisions to the public. Through this Festival, the IC hopes to promote the spirit of “jointly protecting and sharing cultural heritage”, encouraging the public to collaborate in protecting the valuable cultural resources and actively promoting Macao’s cultural heritage abroad.

Admission to the Festival is free. The Festival is open to all residents and tourists and families. Prizes are limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information on this event, please visit the IC’s webpage at

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