Announcement of the Jury List for 35th Macao Young Musicians Competition

Date of publication: 10/07/2017
Type: Music Competition

The 35th Macao Young Musicians Competition, organised by the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC), will kick off on Saturday, 22 July, with contests in different categories to be held from 22 to 30 July at the Macao Science Centre and the Institute for Tourism Studies (main campus) concurrently. The “Competition for Special Prizes” takes place on Thursday, 3 August, at the Institute for Tourism Studies.

The jury list of this year’s competition is available at the Macao Young Musicians Competition’s website. If the participant has a relative, teacher or student, or business relationship associated with any members of the jury, please notify IC in writing or by email ( prior to the competition. No rating will be given by the jury to the concerned participant. Any participants who fails to report is found, the organiser reserves the rights to disqualify a participant and withdraw any prizes he/she awarded.

All participants must check-in at the respective counter at the competition venue at the designated time with their valid Macao Resident Identity Card and collect their performer’s badge. Accompanists are also required to present a copy of their identity document and collect their performance’s badge. Late participants who fail to check-in at the designated time will be allowed to perform, he/she will be given a written assessment only but not rated and will not be eligible to compete for any prizes. Warm-up rooms are available for participants at the designated time, no further arrangements will be made for any late participants.

The jury list and the schedules of the Competition and rules and regulations are available at the Macao Young Musicians Competition’s website ( For enquiries, please contact IC through tel. no. 8399 6979 or 8399 6911 during office hours.