Renowned art historian Wu Hung hosts lecture “Moving Pictures: Ancient China's Gift to World Art”

Date of publication: 11/07/2017
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In order to enrich people’s cultural life and to broaden their cultural horizons, the Cultural Affairs Bureau organizes “Lectures by Masters of Culture” programme. This year’s “Moving Pictures: Ancient China's Gift to World Art” will be held on Sunday, 27 August, at 3pm at the Macao Science Centre Convention Hall, hosted by renowned art historian Wu Hung. Reservation can be made online or by telephone starting from today.

Wu Hung is a permanent member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and a renowned art historian, critic and curator. He is the Harrie A. Vanderstappen Distinguished Service Professor of Art History Department and East Asian Languages and Civilizations Department of the University of Chicago, the Director of the Centre for the Art of East Asia and the Consulting Curator of the Smart Museum of Art. His publications include: The Wu Liang Shrine: The Ideology of Early Chinese Pictorial Art, Monumentality in Early Chinese Art and Architecture, The Double Screen: Medium and Representation in Chinese Painting, Art in its ritual context, Ten discourses on art history, Art in time and space, The Art of the Yellow Springs:Understanding Chinese Tombs, A Story of Ruins: Presence and Absence in Chinese Art and Visual Culture, Reinterpretation: A Decade of Experimental Art in China (1990-2000), Art and Exhibition: Wu Hung on Contemporary Chinese Art and Wu Hung on Contemporary Chinese Artists, among others.

Handscroll paintings are a type of Chinese art with distinctive cultural characteristics, boasting a long history and deep influence. In this lecture, Wu Hung will analyse several well known ancient Chinese scrolls, such as Luoshen fu tu  “Nymph of the Luo River”, Han Xizai yeyan tu  “Han Xizai Evening Banquet” and Qingming shanghe tu  “Along the River During the Qingming Festival”, among others, leading the audience to think about the social and cultural meaning of ancient Chinese handscroll paintings from innovative perspectives, including an explanation of how the creative use of handscroll paintings creates a unique visual tradition in the world’s art.

The Cultural Affairs Bureau launched the “Lectures by Masters of Culture” in 2013, inviting world famous scholars, artists and individuals from cultural circles to come to Macao and, through the exchange of experiences and the sharing of knowledge, stimulate thoughts with an international outlook and deepen Macao’s culture, thereby creativity and vigorously contributing for Macao’s cultural development.

The lecture will be conducted in Mandarin, with simultaneous translation to Portuguese. Admission is free with limited seats. Reservation can be made online on the website from today, or by telephone at 8399 6699 during office hours. For more information, please visit the webpage at (only Chinese and Portuguese version available).

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