Opening of “Bazaar at the Mandarin’s House” was well-received

Date of publication: 10/04/2017
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Organised by the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) and co-organised by the Macau Cultural Resources Association, the “Bazaar at the Mandarin’s House”, was held on 8 and 9 April (Saturday and Sunday), from 12pm to 6pm, at the Mandarin’s House, a world heritage site. The opening ceremony was held on 8 April (Saturday), at 2:50pm, and was officiated by the Vice President of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Kent Ieong Chi Kin; the President of the Macau Cultural Resources Association, Cheng Xiang Hu; the Executive Director of the Institute of Chinese Classical Dance Han Tang, Lewis Lei; the Chairman of the Macau Hong Wai Sports and Recreations Association, Mak Chi Leong; and the Orchestra Conductor of the Music Technical Class of Macau Baptist College, Cheong Wai Leong. The bazaar was well-received and participants enjoyed in the activities.

The Bazaar includes a series of activities divided in different zones, such as performances, games, lantern riddles and souvenir redemption, among others, allowing the public to enjoy activities at the Chinese-style courtyard in the spring atmosphere. The games zone offers different games for families, such as “Beanbag Toss & Snatch” and “Lock of ‘Lu Ban’”, a Chinese traditional craft. Visitors can collect stamps after playing games and exchange them for traditional hand-made crafts, including magical sugar painting and fortune windmill, in the souvenir redemption zones. Visitors can also taste local delicacies, like traditional Chinese candy “Bing Tang Hu Lu” and split pea coconut pudding. They can also take the riddle challenge in the lantern riddles zone to win delicate lanterns. On the day of the ceremony, various excellent performances were held, including the performance of lion dance, Fantastic Children Folk Costume Show and a classical music concert. On 9 April (Sunday), several performances will be held from 2:30pm to 4:20pm, including Han Tang Chinese classical dance, Han Chinese clothing and dance performance. Tea lovers will also have the opportunity to taste different types of tea in the main building in a pleasing ambience.

Admission to the above activities is free and is open to residents, tourists and families. Souvenirs are limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information about the activities, please visit the Cultural Affairs Bureau’s webpage at, or the Mandarin’s House page on Facebook.

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