Imagery and Space:
Ren Dongsheng
Scenography Exhibition

Ren Dongsheng (Beijing)

8-18.5 (close on 10.5)
Monday to Friday│15:30-19:45
Saturday, Sunday│11:00-19:45
MGM Theater
Free admission
    MGM Theater     Free admission

Scenography is an art that integrates space and time. It is not only about the set, but also requires an accurate grasp of the stage space, to create an environment and atmosphere which provide for directors, actors and creative teams a space to fully express their creativities, and create for the audience the imagery which metaphorises the theme and connotations of the performance.

Ren Dongsheng, a National First Class Stage Designer, has served as the general lighting designer or artistic director for nearly 100 Chinese and overseas productions. His representative works include dance theatres Ballad of Landscape, Nanjing 1937 and Huang Daopo and so on. His works have been widely praised for their distinctive artistic style, which is exquisite and elegant with profound connotations. This exhibition features a collection of photos and videos of Ren Dongsheng’s works, leading the audience to experience the charm of scenography.

Opening Ceremony
7/5 Friday 18:00
Live performance: Macao Orchestra

Note: Due to the lecture “The Creation of a Flowing Space on Stage” taking place on the site on 8 May, the exhibition will be closed from 14:00 to 18:00 on the day.

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