(2008, France and Belgium)

Albergue of the Macao Holy House of Mercy     Albergue of the Macau Holy House of Mercy    

Directors: Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon and Bruno Romy
Duration: 77 minutes
Language: French
Subtitles: Chinese and English
Categories:  Group B (Not suitable for audiences under 13 years old)
No. of Participants: 60

Teachers in a rural school, happy couple Fiona and Dom have a common passion: Latin dancing. One night, after a glorious dance competition, there is a car accident and they see their lives turned upside down. But can Rumba and its optimism and humour can overcome fatality?

Rumba, an old-fashioned, sweet-natured dance-based comedy debut, to remember. With its semi-silent style, this colourful film was generally well-received by the worldwide audience and critics!


*Audio description (Cantonese), accessible captions and sign language interpretation are provided. Should you request these services, please contact one of the staff members at screening venue.



Jenny Mok
Theatre director, actress, arts education practitioner and President of the Comuna de Pedra Arts and Cultural Association.