Unlock Dancing Plaza x The Fu Lun Elders' Association of Macau

23-24/1 | Saturday, Sunday 
20:00 | Lou Lim Ieoc Garden      Lou Lim Ieoc Garden     Tickets: MOP 80

# Dance

Share the precious moments of life through dance 

We can see the traces of time from tree rings, and also on our body. Perhaps we are all afraid of aging. However, these traces of time represent our memories of life. When we feel with our heart, it will evoke stories between ourselves and others, and between ourselves and places.

Local dancers will join hands with the participants of Body in Time to share their precious moments of life. This dance performance choreographed by the elderly will let us reflect on life, appreciate the beauty of aging and shatter the stereotypes of elderly people.

Duration: Approximately 40 minutes
Performed in Cantonese
Suitable for ages 3 and up

Concept and Choreography: Ong Yong Lock
Co-choreographers and Dancers: Candy Kuok and Jacqueline Vong
Dancers: Participants of Body in Time