A Step to Theatre: Shelf Life 

MW Dance Theatre

22-23/1 | Friday, Saturday
20:00 | Macao Contemporary Art Center – Navy Yard No. 1      Navy Yard No. 1     Tickets: MOP 120

# Dance, Physical Theatre 

"A complicated and revealing emotional journey amid strong visual effects." – Chow Fan Fu

Everything has a shelf life and will no longer be fit for purpose once it expires. Is there a shelf life for the relationships between individuals?

The creative team moves from the open space into the black box theatre, presenting the acclaimed Shelf Life, which was debuted in 2014, re-choreographed and restaged in 2016. This production probes into the nature and essence of humanity while conveying emotional entanglements and subtle, complicated relationships between individuals through duo dance moves. The combination of duo dance with visual and installation art will give audience an unusual experience.

Duration: Approximately 1 hour
Suitable for ages 13 and up

1. Latecomers will not be admitted
2. This performance contains loud sounds, flashing light and dust effects
3. Audience will receive one "On Site Footprint" sticker per session, please refer to the "On Site Footprint" webpage for details

Curator: Tracy Wong
Producer: Sarah Sun
Technical Coordinator: Horis Chao 
Choreography: Tracy Wong and Mao Wei
Dancers: Tracy Wong and Su Zhihao
Lighting Design: Ivan Chan
Music Design: Tsang Kei Kwan 
Video Artist: Kim Lei