Associação de Arte e Cultura Comuna de Han Ian

26-28/1 | Tuesday to Thursday | 12:00-20:00
29-30/1 | Friday, Saturday | 12:00-18:00
Mong-Ha Villas (Some of the installations are on the second floor which is only accessible by stairs)
    Mong-Ha Villas     Free

# Multimedia, Dance, Video, Installation

3 x 30, the Interweaving of Body, Sound and Image

Lao Ka Hong, O Chi Wai and Akitsugu Fukushima, three creative individuals born in 1991 and from different fields of art, meet before they turn 30 to make a self-disclosure. They dialogue with each other through their own artistic language, interweaving a visual installation with body, sound and image. This production reflects on what art means to them, and allows the audience to experience a non-verbal dialogue. 

There will be a 30-minute live improvisation on 29 and 30 January at 20:00. A total of 25 audience are accepted for each session on a first-come, first-served basis through advance registration.

Suitable for ages 3 and up

No seating for both the exhibition and live improvisation. 

Creation: Lao Ka Hong, O Chi Wai and Akitsugu Fukushima
Image Creation: O Chi Wai
Music and Sound Creation: Akitsugu Fukushima
Coordinator and Movement Coach: Lao Ka Hong
Technical Director and Exhibition Space Design: Leong Son U 
Video Editor: Kenji Lai
Assistant to Exhibition Space Design: Tam Pui San 
Project Manager: Hoi Kai Lam