Sunset at the Shipyards

Dream Theater Association

28, 29/4|Saturday, Sunday|20:00
29/4|Sunday|15:00 (Additional Performance)
    Cheng Peng Theatre     Tickets: MOP 180

Though you may not witness shipbuilding, you must meet the shipbuilders!

The craftsmanship, which veteran shipbuilders take pride in, embodies the perseverance of the old generation in passing on the handicraft and their uncompromised attitude towards the reality. A shipbuilding story full of laughter and tears, the play begins with the reflection upon the reality and future prospects of the new and old generations, as subsequent scenes gradually unfold on stage. Amid a shift in the economic structure of Macao, will the once dominant shipyards be buried by time? The life adventure of old shipbuilders and the ups and downs of the old shipyards do not only serve as reminiscences but also bring us new thoughts and a new future. Sunset at the Shipyards leads us in the search of answers in theatre.

Referencing a 2017 performance, The Victory Shipyard, local theatre group Dream Theater Association undertakes this play through field researches and oral interviews in a microhistory approach to create a comical and tongue-in-cheek story based on the real lives of old shipbuilders. It is developed in hopes of evoking the sense of conservation and identity of local culture among Macao residents via talks of preserving the shipbuilding industry.


Director: Jason Mok
Playwright: Olivia Chen (Taiwan)
Performers: Chan Sai Peng, Wong Pak Hou, Perry Fok, Ben Ieong, Carmen Kong, Lao U Hang and Endy Leong
Historic and Shipbuilding Consultant: Tam Kam Chun
Historic and Cultural Studies Consultant: Tam Chon Ip
Stage and Lighting Design: Tou Kuok Hong


Duration: approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes, no interval
Performed in Cantonese, no surtitles


Post-show Talk on 28 April