Westland Feuds

Shaanxi People’s Art Theatre (Mainland China)

12,13/5|Friday,Saturday|19:30     Macao Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium     Tickets: MOP 380, 300, 250, 120

The epic tale is set at the Late Imperial China and the beginning of the Republic period in the White Deer Village, located on the White Deer Plain in Shaanxi Province and dubbed as a “Village of Humanity and Righteousness”, where the two most important families – Bai and Lu – have always lived together in peace on the surface but are in fierce competition behind the scene. The two camps feud over land with weapons. Bai Jiaxuan plays tricks to exchange for land. Heiwa, son of a loyal servant in the Bai family, brings Tian Xiao’e to the village. Tian Xiao’e has to give herself in to Lu Zilin to save Heiwa. Lu Zilin sets up the eldest son of the Bai family with Tian Xiao’e. Both Lu brothers fall in love with the daughter of the Bai family… Love, hate and revenge are tangled. This work reflects the multiple facets of the society at that time and portrays the unsophisticated, unbending and uncompromising resilience despite difficult conditions of the Shaanxi people.

Adapted from a celebrated novel of magic realism that has been reproduced into plays, theatres and films for numerous times, this production by the Shaanxi People’s Art Theatre  condenses the absurd yet realistic life onto the stage in a way true to the original novel with great attentions to details. The piece has been hugely popular since its debut and is regarded as the most satisfying interpretation of novel by its author Chen Zhongshi.

Duration: approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes, including one interval
Performed in Shaanxi dialect, with  surtitles in Chinese and English
Not suitable for audiences under 13 years of age (contains adult content)

Producer: Li Xuan
Playwright: Meng Bing
Director: Hu Zongqi

Leading Characters and Cast
Bai Jiaxuan: Jiang Ruizheng
Lu Zilin: Guan Yue