Macau Artfusion

22/1|Sunday|15:00     Anim’Arte NAM VAN     Free admission

#Dance #Physical Theatre

Nothing in the World stands by itself. The life of the Universe and its history lie on an infinitive web of “connections”, essential condition for the dynamic balance of different places, objects, people and cultures.

The work connects dance and theatre to express the creative and conceptual images associated with the meaning of the word “Connection”.

Artistic Director and Producer: Laura Nyögéri
Assistant Director and Production: Adriano Gaspar
Choreographer: Laura Nyögéri
Assistant Choreographer: Mafalda Ramos
Concept, Costumes and Prop Design: Laura Nyögéri
Production Assistants: Joana Borges, Joana Chio and Elisa Monteiro
Performers: Alice Leão, Beatriz Leal, Catarina Torrado, David Zuquete, Filipa Lima, Inês Capela, Inês Mexia, Lara Covas, Madalena Afonso, Mafalda Ramos, Maria Carlota Veiga, Noah Ip, Rodrigo Neves, Sara Sousa, Sara Leão and Sofia Gomes


Duration: approximately 45 minutes, no interval