Give it a Shot Series: I Met Cats

Cora Si

17,18/1|Tuesday,Wednesday|20:00     Garden of Sir Robert Ho Tung Library     Tickets: MOP 50

#Theatre #Multimedia

It is like playing hide-and-seek.
Cora Si is definitely a cat lover. For her, cats are even more important than family and lovers. I Met Cats is an extension of her work I am Your Everything, which illustrates the movements of cats with the use of body language and videos. Through her close observation of cats, we will re-realise the purity and the nature of a relationship.

Video and Sound: Cora Si
Performers and Text: Frankie Si, Yolanda Kog and Cora Si
Physical Movement Coach and Dancer: Graça Kong
Video and Sound Editing: Summer Ieong Kun Ieng
Stage Assistants: Wong Chio Peng and Lao Ka Ian
Theatre Consultant: Tam Chi Chun @ BOK Festival
Programme Coordinator: Lam Pik Wa @ BOK Festival
Administration and Planning Consultant: Erik Kuong @ BOK Festival
Administration Coordinator: Leong Ka Wai @ BOK Festival
Technical and Lighting Coordinator: Sofia Ung @ BOK Festival

Performed in Cantonese and Mandarin, no surtitles
Duration: approximately 45 minutes, no interval