Funeral for the Living

Theatre Moments (Japan)

17,18/1|Tuesday,Wednesday|20:00     Square of the Ruins of St. Paul’s     Tickets: MOP 50


Since we were born, we were arranged to attend different ceremonies: birth ceremony, graduation ceremony, wedding ceremony…… and in the end, the funeral. If we could attend our own funeral when we are still alive, what would it be like?

Funeral for the Living has been performed in different countries. Here Fringe presents the version directed by Daisuke Sagawa, which is acclaimed as the greatest one.

Director: Daisuke Sagawa
Playwright: Philip Chan
Performers: Kenta Konno, Kosuke Tanihara, Masato Aoki , Misaki Mitsuishi, Taeko Yakabe, Junpei Matsunami and Takuya Haname


Performed in Japanese, with surtitles in Chinese
Duration: approximately 1 hour, no interval


1_ 今野健太  Kenta Konno 1_ 今野健太  Kenta Konno
Kenta Konno


2_ 谷原広哉 Kosuke Tanihara 2_ 谷原広哉 Kosuke Tanihara
Kosuke Tanihara


3_ 青木まさと Masato Aoki 3_ 青木まさと Masato Aoki
Masato Aoki


4_ 三石美咲 Misaki Mitsuishi 4_ 三石美咲 Misaki Mitsuishi
Misaki Mitsuishi


5_ 矢ヶ部妙子 Taeko Yakabe 5_ 矢ヶ部妙子 Taeko Yakabe
Taeko Yakabe


6_ 松浪淳平 Junpei Matsunami 6_ 松浪淳平 Junpei Matsunami
Junpei Matsunami


7_ 花見拓哉 Takuya Haname 7_ 花見拓哉 Takuya Haname
Takuya Haname