“Musical Sketches of Macao and Portugal” – The connection of a Portuguese composer’s to Macao

Friday, June 2, 2017 20:00     Dom Pedro V Theatre     Tickets: MOP 80, 60

Conductor: Pang Ka Pang

Macao, the Monte Carlo of the Orient
and Portugal, a southern European country
are integrated in perfect harmony
in the music presented by the
Macao Chinese Orchestra this evening
for the public to feel Macao.

Programme Highlights:
Macao, Taipa              
Rão Kyao / Wong Kin Wai

Ruins of St. Paul’s      
Rão Kyao / Arr. Kuan Nai Chung

Ancient Lisbon            
Portuguese popular song / Arr. Kuan Nai Chung

Portugal Nostalgia      
Rão Kyao / Arr. Kuan Nai Chung

Rão Kyao / Arr. Kuan Nai Chung

Duration: approximately 1 hour, no intermission.

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