Exhibition of the 70th Anniversary of Han Tianheng

18/6 - 7/8/2016     Macao Museum of Art    

“Exhibition of the 70th Anniversary of Han Tianheng”, jointly organised by the Macao Museum of Art under the auspices of the Cultural Affairs Bureau and the Han Tianheng Art Museum in Shanghai, This exhibition features a total of 188 pieces/sets of Han Tianheng’s calligraphy, paintings, seal engravings and literati playthings for the audience to appreciate Han’s unique artistic creation style and achievements.

Han Tianheng was born in Shanghai in 1940. His family came from Suzhou, in Jiangsu Province,. Han Tianheng is a prestigious master and scholar in contemporary painting and seal engraving, and has achieved remarkable success in the artistic field for his creativity and impact. Hailed for his innovative spirit and inspiring creation that inherits and transcends tradition, his accomplishments in seal engraving are especially prominent, his works being collected by museums and galleries in China and aboard, including the British Museum. Mentored by art masters such as Fang Jiekan, Fang Quji, Ma Gongyu, Lu Weizhao, Xie Zhiliu and Lu Yanshao, Han Tianheng holds a number of social positions. He is the current honorary Dean of the Academy of Chinese Seal Engraving Art, Vice president of the Xiling Society of Seal Arts and a consultant of the Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy, among others. He has frequently been associated with Macao’s art, culture and press circles since the 1980’s and has established a close friendship with many senior figures of the local art and cultural sector such as Chui Tak Kei, Lam Kan, U Kuan Wai and Lei Pang Chu, contributing significantly to artistic exchange between Shanghai and Macao.

The exhibition features works from different periods, including copies and seal engravings of the inscriptions on pagodas in the early period as well as the large calligraphy work Selections of Large-Character Calligraphy and the zhuwen seal Dan Qing Wen Dao, Red legend, square-shaped seal, created recently. Literati playthings like inkstones, red stoneware utensils, water pots and arm rests made by the artist will also be showcased to illustrate his aesthetic interest from different perspectives. 

“Exhibition of the 70th Anniversary of Han Tianheng” will be held until 7 August at the Macao Museum of Art located at Avenida Xian Xing Hai, NAPE, Macao. Admission fee is MOP5.00, and admission is free on Sunday and public holidays (closed on Monday). For enquiries, please call through tel. no. 8791 9814 during office hours or visit www.icm.gov.mo or www.MAM.gov.mo.