In Chants

Casa de Portugal em Macau

1,2/5|Sunday, Monday|11am, 3pm, 5:30pm     Macau Conservatory Auditorium     MOP 200 (Children Package); 100 (Observer)

Artistic Direction and Staging: Elisa Vilaça
Music Composer: Tomás Ramos de Deus
Musicians: Tomás Ramos de Deus and Miguel Andrade
Actor and Manipulator: Elisa Vilaça
Construction and Production: Casa de Portugal em Macau

In Chants consists of six mimed mini stories accompanied by a set of short live musical compositions which serve as motto for the different tales. Babies and toddlers sit with their parents or family on a patchwork mat, where the actor and musicians interact with them in a set made of clouds, a sun and birds suspended from the ceiling. Different types of puppets with varied manipulation techniques give life and soul to the stories, and the use of different props and lighting create magic moments. Gardens populated by colourful flowers with affectionate animals, majestic birds with fluffy feathers, funny frogs playing in puddles, and even the seabed where gentle dolphins, oysters that open and fish, many fish, all can be found.


  • Children Package: Include one child ticket and one adult ticket. The child must be accompanied by the adult. They are requested to take off their shoes and sit on the floor if they are in the stage area.
  •  Observer: Suitable for audiences aged 6 and above. The audience presenting this ticket will be seated in designated area.

Suitable for audiences between 6 months and 3 years of age
Duration: approximately 40 minutes, no interval