Aquarium[Additional show]

Black Sand Theatre

9, 10/5|Saturday, Sunday|3pm (9,10/5); 6pm (9, 10/5)     Macau Conservatory Auditorium     Tickets: MOP 150

Immerse into the underworld of wonders!

Original Script: Antonio Martinez and Maíra Belati
Creation and Direction: Antonio Martinez and Maíra Belati
Video and Animation: Daniel Olaizola
Sound Design and Technician: Bruno Oliveira
Scenery and Props: Antonio Martinez and Maíra Belati
Lighting Design: Gil Rovisco
Performers: Antonio Martinez, Maíra Belati, Duarte Esmeriz, Susana Esmeriz, Nuno Fernandes, Alberto Garcia and Josefina Tavares

You may have an aquarium at home but you have never experienced it like this before. Join Mr. Van Loon, a fish enthusiast, in a magical journey into the not so deep sea as he dives into his own aquarium… Meet Tin, the colourful fish, as he plays and frolics with Mr. Van Loon and the other fish. Take part in the fun as Mr. Van Loon learns all about their amusing lives in their tiny, wet home. Featuring puppetry, animation and video and requiring the active participation of the audience, Aquarium’s whimsical atmosphere brings this briny world to life to the delight of children.

Renowned for being innovative, the Black Sand Theatre group, directed by the Maranatha Arts Society, has been delighting children of all ages since its creation in 2010. The Macao based company specializes in puppetry and physical theatre. Other productions by Black Sand Theatre presented in the MAF include Kallima, the Gluttonous Caterpillar, Lena and the Magical Paintings and Tincaplins.

Target audience: children aged 3 and above. Restricted to audiences over 3.
Duration: approximately 45 minutes, no interval