Dirks Theatre Arts Association

Cloning Ecstasy

30, 31/5|Friday, Saturday|8 pm     Tap Seac Gallery     Tickets: MOP 120

Director: Ip Ka Man
Playwright (adaptation): Ip Iok Kuan
Posture Direction: Wu May Bo
Set and Costume Designer: Nip Man Teng
Music and Sound Designer: Vu Ka Sio
Make-up Designer: Ho Kit Wa

Can you imagine if, in the future, human beings were no longer delivered by their mothers but cloned in testtubes instead? What if men were no longer masters of their own destiny, and their lives and social class were predetermined? Would this be the ideal society?

Directed by Ip Ka Man and penned by award-winning playwright Ip Iok Kuan, Cloning Ecstasy is adapted from Aldous Huxley’s prophetic literary classic Brave New World, a work penned when the technological revolution of the 20th century had barely began. We are now on the path anticipated by Huxley almost a hundred years ago, when he, amongst other things, predicted reproductive technology.

Audiences will certainly find this play enriched with audio-visual elements and performed in an unconventional venue by local group Dirks Theatre Arts Association new and fresh.

Restricted exclusively to audiences over 13. Parental guidance suggested (contains coarse language and sensitive scenes)
Performed in Cantonese, no surtitles
Duration: approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, no interval

Outreach Programme
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