Step Out[Additional show]

Rain of Stone, Song of the Sea

29/5-1/6|Thursday - Sunday|11am (31/5, 1/6); 3:30pm (31/5, 1/6); 8pm (29/5 - 1/6)     Old Court Building, 2nd floor (no elevator)     Tickets: MOP 120

Co-directors: Lou Chong Neng and Mok Sio Chong
Co-production, Pop-up book creation and Lighting Design: Lau Ming Hang (Hong Kong)
Producer: Winter Chiang
Exhibition Designer: Cheang Chi Wai
Costume Designer: Lao Nga Man and Mok Kuan Chong
Original Theme Song: Vu Ka Sio
Performers: Lou Chong Neng, Lam Wai Tung, Lao Nga Man and Mok Kuan Chong

Macao used to be a small settlement surrounded by the sea. It is now becoming a cosmopolitan city, but how far from the sea are we now? Step Out, a performance art group dedicated to environmental issues and city planning, presents an imaginative puppet theatre performance entitled Rain of Stone, Song of the Sea, in collaboration with Hong Kong pop-up book artist cum lighting designer Lau Ming Hang.

The story begins when Oungoung walks to school on a very rainy day. The teacher is talking about the sea and Oungoung, who has never been to the seaside, lets his imagination run wild: he imagines meeting Granite, a shell who sings and the mythical bird Jingwei who tells tales of the sea. Oungoung asks “What is the sea? Where is it?” A stone replies: “The sea is said to be under our feet; it all begins with the rain…”

The stage also turns into an exhibition venue, where children can take part in an interactive exhibition before the performance, in which they are led through a dynamic, accessible and multi-faceted journey through Macao’s oceanic culture. Most definitely an alternative and refreshing way to attend a performance!

Suitable for audiences aged 4 and over
Performed in Cantonese, no surtitles
Duration: approximately 40 minutes, no interval

Outreach Programme
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