Roberto White (Argentina)[Additional show]

Special Creatures

16-19/5|Friday - Monday|5:30pm(16/5 - 19/5); 8pm(16/5 - 18/5)     Old Court Building     Tickets: MOP 120

Puppeteer: Roberto White

Everyday objects, such as plastic bags, balloons and wrapping paper, may surprise us in ways beyond imagination. Argentinean clown and puppeteer Roberto White weaves magic into Special Creatures, a puppet show that mixes the language of mime with that of object theatre. Composed by seven brief poetic and funny stories, this non-verbal show received the Children Jury Award for ‘Best Show’ at the TITIRI JAI, the International Puppet Festival of Tolosa (Spain) 2012, and has been presented
in more than 30 international festivals in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

White teaches the art of body puppetry providing his own vision and idea of innovation and he always gives his fresh, entertaining and contemporary view of the theatre of objects. With different artists he co-founded the companies Santa Rodilla and Teatro Dos Mundos to promote clown and improvisational performance art. He was awarded the National Prize “Best Director 2009” for the show Romeo y Julieta, by the Ministry of Culture of Costa Rica.

Special Creatures is bound to bring lots of joy and laughter to both kids and adults.

Duration: approximately 45 minutes, with no interval

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