East Meets West

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 20:00     Macao Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium     Tickets: MOP 180, 120, 80

When Eastern and Western musical cultures collide, when a Chinese composer creates music for Western bands, when a Chinese solo instrumentalist collaborates with a Western orchestra, when Oriental aesthetic ideology combines with Occidental music performance method, all of these can ingeniously represent current Macao characteristics – tolerance, harmony and integration.

Led by Macao Orchestra’s Principal Conductor Lü Jia, the fabulous pipa master Zhang Hongyan and flautist Tang Junqiao collaborate with the Orchestra to perform pipa concerto The Conqueror Unarms, created by Zhou Long, Melancholy Empty Mountain by Guo Wenjing and Twelve Chinese Zodiac Animals by Bright Sheng. This must be an exceptional Sino-Western music performance.

Adapted by renowned composer Zhou Long, The Conqueror Unarms has become a representative classical pipa concerto, the style of which combines dynamic elements representing the majesty of battle with gentle factors reflecting the inner tenderness of the warrior, employing abundant, multi-layer tones. Melancholy Empty Mountain by Guo Wenjing is a flute concerto requiring the most difficult performance skills, while the final work - Twelve Chinese Zodiac Animals by Bright Sheng - has been performed in Philadelphia and Carnegie Hall in New York.

‘Unparalleled music talent, she (Tang Junqiao) can create any perfection with her flute.’
                                                                                                                - Washington Post, USA