Step Out


24 ~ 26/5|Friday ~ Sunday|8pm;26/5|Sunday|3pm     Old Court Building     Tickets: MOP 100

Producer: Winter Chiang
Production Manager: Lou Chong Neng
Playwright and Director: Koh Choon Eiow (Malaysia)
Co-Playwright: Mok Sio Chong
Lighting Designer: Lau Ming Hang (Hong Kong)
Set Designer: Wu Hsiu Ho (Taiwan)
Music Designer: Kandala Records (Taiwan)
Costume Designers and Stylists: Lou Chong Neng and Mok Kuan Chong
Performers: Cheng Yin Chen (Taiwan), Lam Wai Tong, Ip Ka Man, Mok Sio Chong, Wang Chao Yang (Taiwan), Lao Nga Man, Mok Kuan Chong and Cheong Peng Hou

Established in 2001, Step Out cannot be narrowly defined as either a theatrical or a dance company. Their multidisciplinary works are characterised by the skilful use of poetic and aesthetic dramatic language to compose contemporary fables about the urban city.

The talented Malaysian playwright and director Koh Choon Eiow and a group of experienced Macao scriptwriters, directors and actors are joined by strong teams from Taiwan and Hong Kong to create A Gambling World, a new experience in Chinese theatre, presenting audiences with a provocative show about money, desire and dreams in the “Las Vegas of the East”.

See you there!

Suitable for audiences aged 14 and over (contains coarse language)

Duration: approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, no interval