Theatre Horizon


18, 19/5|Saturday, Sunday|8pm     Macao Cultural Centre Small Auditorium     Tickets: MOP 120, 100

Adapted from Der Goldene Drache by Roland Schimmelpfennig
Director: Johnny Tam
Make-up, Costume and Set Designer: KaBig Lam
Lighting Designer: Andrew Lio
Music Designer: Chan Ming Kin
Producer: Calvin Lam
Stage Manager: Luby Lam
Performers: Jordan Cheng, Jasmine Chang, Toby Lam, Simon Lou and Tommy Tam

The “Golden Dragon”, a traditional symbol of good luck and happiness, is slowly falling into oblivion.

The Asian employees of the Golden Dragon Restaurant are illegal workers. A boy with a toothache can’t go see the dentist. A nervous girl is soon to become an unwed mother. “Gramps” regrets the ambitious dreams of his past. A sexy flight attendant secretly learns the “meaning of life” in the half-light. A passionate couple prepares to say goodbye, and a cricket stealthily creeps into a nest of ants, only to be torn apart! These are among the goings on at the Golden Dragon Restaurant.

Named Best German Play by Theater heute and awarded the Mülheimer Dramatikerpreis in 2010, this work reveals the darker side of globalisation and immigration, as the actors swap roles to narrate and act out one another’s stories. The results are brutal yet poetic, surreal yet realistic.

Theatre Horizon Macao was established in 2008 as a branch of Theatre Horizon Hong Kong, with the aim of promoting the dramatic arts in Macao and providing training to young talent with the help of veteran and highly-skilled theatre workers.

“Roland Schimmelpfennig’s slow burn of a play offers another way of seeing... its intelligence and thoughtfulness are apparent.”
The Guardian

Duration: approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes, no interval