Singapore Drama Box and the Macao Arts Festival


18, 19/5|Saturday, Sunday|3pm and 8pm     Dom Pedro V Theatre     MOP 120 (Free seating)

Director: Kok Heng Leun
Assistant Director: Ip Ka Man (Macao)
Playwright: Ng How Wee
Set Designer: Nip Man Teng (Macao)
Lighting Designer: Dorothy Png
Costume Designer: Anthony Tan
Sound Designer: Jeffrey Yue
Multimedia Designer: Low Wee Cheng
Performers: Goh Seok Ai, Koh Wan Ching, Lam Teng Teng (Macao), Doreen Toh, Neo Hai Bin and Timothy Nga

Jintong is a senior-level civil servant. She longs to commit herself unreservedly to her same-sex relationship with Jackie, but is hampered by fears she refuses to acknowledge. Secondary school math teacher Vicky falls in love with her male student. Is she trying to fill a void in her marriage or attempting to flee from her past? One story tells of a heart tied up in knots, the other, of a heart hiding a secret. Where in time and space will the paths of Jintong and Vicky meet?

Founded in 1990, the contemporary theatre company Drama Box engages with its audience, the society and the political environment through its fun and entertaining, yet thought provoking and reflective productions. On invitation of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, celebrated Singaporean director Kok Heng Leun held an Asian Theatre Master Class in Macao, to widespread acclaim. Farewell: The Body in 16 Chapters, in collaboration with local veterans Ip Ka Man, Nip Man Teng and Lam Teng Teng is surely an exchange of compatible strengths between Macao and Singapore!

Drama Box is a recipient of the Singapore National Arts Council’s Major Grant 2012


Suitable for audiences aged 18 and over (contains sexual references)

Duration: approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, with no interval