Contemporary Stage

MY CHAIR 20:13

4, 5/5|Saturday, Sunday|3pm, 8pm     Old Court Building     Tickets: MOP 100

Artistic Director, Choreographer and Director: Phoebea Tsang
Producer, Playwright, Director, Production Designer and Technical Co-ordinator: Sam Leung
Violin: Iat U Hong
Piano: Coris Cheong
Main Performers: Phoebea Tsang, Rico Cheung and Mill Ho
Dancers and Actors: Sonia Lao, Trason Mak,  Cita Kuong and Mayson Tong

The chair: a symbol of power.

Nowadays women are taught to strive for the chair, the seat of power, to grasp victory and win the applause of friends and family as a way of proving their value. Is “better to cry in a BMW than smile riding a bike” a truthful reflection of the values young women hold today? Or is it yet another portrayal of modern society’s materialism and monetary greed?

A re-imagined version of local dancer Pheobea Tsang’s debut work, featuring alumni of the Hong Kong Dance Company as principal performers and musical accompaniment by various young collaborating talents, My Chair 20:13 presents the thought-provoking story of a modern young woman, fighting her way to “victory”. The work, conceived from the perspective of a contemporary female, explores the meanings and humanistic value inherent in “victory” and calls for introspection by urban women into the value of their own being.

Contemporary Stage, founded in 2008, aims to explore modern society’s values from a woman’s perspective through various forms of artistic expression such as dance, music, singing, dramatic and visual arts and installations, among other elements that can be transformed into theatrical language.

Duration: approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, no interval