Soda-City Experimental Workshop Arts Association

Zheng's Walls Have Ears

25~27/5|Friday to Sunday|7pm     Mandarin's House     Tickets: MOP 100

Creative Concept: Candy Kuok, Stella Ho and Yuri Ng
Cantonese Naamyam Singer: Chau Kong
Yehu Accompaniment: Leung Hong Sze
Chinese Classical Dance Rehearsal Coach: Mui Cheuk Yin
(Hong Kong)
Chinese Classical Dancer: Stella Ho
Video Choreographer, Camera and Editor: Yuh Egami (Hong Kong)
Video Dancer: Candy Kuok
Composer: Ng Cheuk Yin (Hong Kong)
Music Performers: SIU2 (Hong Kong)
Saxophone: Timothy Sun
A Cappella Chorus Conductor: Patrick Chiu (Hong Kong)
A Cappella Chorus: Yat Po Singers (Hong Kong)
Artistic Advisor: Yuri Ng (Hong Kong)

A World Heritage site, the Mandarin’s House now stands elegantly restored in the Barra neighbourhood of Macao. Who could believe it once endured an uninviting grimness in an unsettling era of change? Imbued with the memory of history, every single brick and tile in the Mandarin’s House contains a ‘spiritual self ’. What if these walls could speak? They could certainly tell exciting stories about the events they witnessed over the years.

The Cantonese narrative singing tradition of naamyam, a typical vehicle for the recounting of historical occurrences, now recalls stories of this ancient house with pure,
unaccompanied voices. Beautiful Chinese classical dances, casting surreal shadows of movement on the walls, shift within the house. Chinese and Western instruments create
new voices that resonate with the Chinese and the Western architecture of this ancient building.