Theatre Horizon Macao

One Good Person

19, 20/5│Saturday, Sunday│3pm, 8pm (19/5)     Tap Seac Gallery     Tickets: MOP 100

Theatre Horizon (Macao)
Adapted from Bertolt Brecht’s The Good Person of Szechwan
Direction and Adaption: Ip Ka Man
Script Translation (Cantonese): Wong Kwok Kui
Producer: Hong Heng Fai
Movement Choreographer: May Bo Wu
Stage Designer: Gabriel Fung
Sound Designer: Chan Ming Kin
Technical Supervisor: CaLvin Lam
Stage Manager: Miu
Deputy Stage Manager: Ceci Chu

Main Cast: Tabitha Lou, Chong Sai Kit, Lam Ten Ten, Jasmine
Chang, Toby Lam, Joanna Chan, Jackal Marlon Pun and Chu Ka I

Are there any good, impartial people left in today’s highly competitive, modern cities? Can a person with a kind and innocent heart survive in such a place?

On a quest to find good people, three gods arrive in a tiny city of Sichuan Province but are disappointed when no-one is willing to offer them shelter. Eventually, the kind prostitute Sam Tak takes them in and is given some money as a reward. Yet, Sam Tak gradually realises that there is, indeed, a conflict between commercial interests and charitable acts. When she becomes a pragmatic and unemotional urban dweller, she finds herself drifting far from her original good-heartedness. Should she remain true to her kind nature yet allow herself to be bullied by others? Or should she be strong and do the bullying

German playwright Bertolt Brecht’s classic work The Good Person of Szechwan, from which this play was adapted, is highly inspirational and especially topical in this prevailingly money-oriented society. We invite you to open your minds and watch this play with your soul!

Duration: approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, no interval