Exhibition: “China and the West: Cultural Influence and Innovation II”

27/3 - 26/4/2004 10:00~18:00 (27/3 開幕式下午四時)     Tap Seac Gallery     Free admission

China and the West: Cultural Influence and Innovation - Visual Arts Exhibition is the main visual arts programme of this year’s Macao Arts Festival. The exhibition consists of 198 visual art works by 118 local artists and can be seen at the Tap Seac Gallery from 8 March to 26 April.

The exhibition is divided into two distinct parts: the first part takes tradition as its main theme and stresses the depth of the mingling of Chinese and Western cultural influence. The second part (from 27 March) focuses on innovation and reveals completely new trends in local visual arts. The works exhibited are extremely varied, and include watercolours, calligraphy, seal cutting, drawing, photography, sculpture, installation, posters, videotape and mixed media. Such a breadth of media has seldom been seen in recent years. The exhibition also reveals the new face of artistic creation in Macao by highlighting several promising local artists.

Seminars and workshops will be held during the exhibition targeting day-care centres, elementary and middle school students, and local artists.