Ghosts, by Henrick Ibsen

Macao Drama Federation

20 - 21/3/2004 星期六 20:00 / 星期日 16:00     Macao Tower Auditorium    

First Macao production of this 122-year-old classic drama.

Ghosts explores social issues and is heavily critical of the social inequalities of the period. With its theme of destiny and karma, the play has shades of classical Greek tragedy. In writing Ghosts, Ibsen-sometimes referred to as “the father of modern theatre”-brought realism to the stage, thereby laying the groundwork for realist theatre and later modern works.

The present production is the result of an initiative by the Macao Drama Association, which has brought together Macao’s drama enthusiasts in producing the work. It has also invited the famous Chinese theatre director, Wang Xiaoying to direct the play. Ghosts promises to be a theatre event like no other seen in Macao in recent years!

Playwright: Henrik Ibsen

Director: Wang Xiaoying

Production: Macao Drama Association